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Beautiful golf trail walk

Today is a wonderful day to be alive.
Watched bohemian rhapsody with Rami Mal├ęk. Man Mr. Robot can act. It was an inspiration to see a young man not wanting to follow the status quo and just follow the middle-class Indian raised way and want to be who he was born to be. It was also a cautionary tale of how success and $ changes one and makes you just wrap your insecurity in blankets of fake friends and consumerism. The tale ended with him realizing that his family and his friends were his true treasure and that he was doing the singing because it was what he loved in the first place, but it was always a team effort.
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What I learned from Tusk

Sometimes we lose our sense of being open-minded. Other cultures and personalities are always different and they see through different colors glasses, but we cannot see that because we see their glasses through hours. It is only when we take our glasses off that we can truly see where they are coming from. We don't have to emulate or even internally accept that view but we must respect that view and adapt it to our own world, it is only through understanding that peace will come and friendship will follow.

Cold Monday in Austin

 Today was a very cold day here in Austin
It got below 30° and it was very hard to even think about going into the office luckily today was the day that I could work from home decided to go to the coffee shop and felt really good to get that one cup of Americano focus on my work. Luckily for me my coworker and friend Scott came over and keep me company together we learned a lot about Google Cloud functions and go away very interesting stuff altogether. Tomorrow morning I get to see my son to get his award for being outstanding student, I feel very proud .

Outside is the awesome

I choose to study outside ... Never want to go back in

Life of a cute dog on a sunny day

Super Sunny Day lounge 

The homeless man

As I drove towards the Starbucks a place of caffeine and wifi joy, but yet tainted with the dread of homework, I kept thinking of my grumbling stomach. Long ago I realized that I am a premadonna study person.  This means that I cannot concentrate on anything worth a cent, unless the coffee was just right, the lighting, the wifi speed, and the body felt comfortable.  needless to say that this is probably is all a subconcious way ton deal with my constant lack of attention and disinterest in anything to do with business school.  So there I was sitting in the long after-work line at the local Subway.  It was feature packed with the over-judgmental elderly folks, the volleyball girls with dangerously low cut shorts, which seem to be the focus of the elderly men.  The poor mother trying to corral her cat-on-crack (AKA kid) ;  to whom I totally I could relate to.   The cougar with her skin tight clothes, her caramel shiny skin, and bleached hair, and her iPhone with her head yammering away,…

Add'ness and lack of reflection

Thinking about it today. I came to realize that my inherent ADDness does not only come genetically passed down. Or created due to my repetitive 20 year work as an IT professional, but it is what creative intellectuals do to cope with the inherent lack of creative challenges. There are those who create and those who consume. I fortunately or unfortunately am the creative type and sometimes my work does provide a challenge that requires my creative thinking, but most often than not it only offers repetitive mundane yaks that must be stamped out. So in the meantime the brain creates problems or attention getters that really do not need attention at all, like keeping up with the news or Facebook. These are subconsciously implanted as tasks to be completed to make the brain perceive that it has more to do than what is really present. Over time this becomes the nor and things like this be one the norm at home too. You try to sit patiently and listen through your Childs story and you catch …