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My first post

Hello alex fans, how are you? Well this is my 1st blog entry of my life. According to tech-tv (yes I am a geek) and many other people, they say that blogging in therapudic and makes your life nice and fun. Today is a monday (sad as usual) and things going ok, had to do some server stuff this morning over conference call etc.. This past weekend was father's day and my wonderful wife Taehee let ge goof around with my pc and wate a lot of time. I really wanted a plasma tv from best buy, but of course my concience (taehee) did not let me buy it. It has been raining quote a bit here in new orleans, so lucky for me I did nto have to do any yard work, tipeee!!! Taehee's parents are here, thank goodness, because they help a lot in taking care of the house, Taehee, And Ethan (my little 1 month son). Taehee's dad will be leaving on wed, and he seemed a little sad leaving his grandson behind. Jung-Hee is studing very hard for her michigan test to get out of IELP, because she hates it…