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Apple still darling of tech

Apple once again was able to beat financial analyst expectaions due to strong laptop sales but more directly to iPhone sales. The 3gs demand was much higher than expected. I had to setup our dev environment on that sweet new MacBook pro today and it's response and beauty was unquestionably Perfect. It's elegance was it's desin and the fact that it just worked much like the iPod and the iPhone. This wonderful prize still well outside of normal finances for me.
On other news the Barnes and Nobles ebook reader also was unveiled today and it's android carrying eink beauty seems like a steal, but then again a 10 " netbook is about $270 these days and has 1000 times the functionality. But having something that can help you read without the damage of an LCD to your eyes, it might be worth it afterall. There is a neatness that is inherent to all tablet desinged devices including the amazon kindle. I got a feeling that the Apple tablet will woo us with it's design. I gu…

Static shoes

Well Monday is here again to suck the soul. So far the day has gone as well as a Monday could. A few requests and some purchases and some new computer setups. We got a shiny new Macbook and got to play with it a lot before passing it on. But to my surprise it keeps giving me static electrical shocks every time I go near it. I guess my Tommy Shoes are not made for aluminum alloy unibody laptop usage. I am glad I did not buy an aluminum MacBook because not only would my wallet be
hurting but my fingers as well. I hope my dear wife feels better soon too. Until next time.

This cool weekend

Well this weekend has been very very beautiful. I sure do love the cool crisp air; it sure brings an energy to my body that the summer drains. I guess being born in a colder country never goes away. Well I wish my kids and wife were not marginally sick, so I could spend more time outdoors with them.

I did get to see “Where the wild things are.” This movie was very good for me, although Allen would probably disagree. Ethan found it very interesting as well. The story of a 7 yr old boy who had a wonderful family life trying to understand the reality of growing up. His father is gone, his sister does not play with him as she is a teen, and his mom is stressed from losing her job and her dating. The boy is trying desperately trying to hold on to his innocence and childhood while being faced with the suffering that real life has to offer. His coping mechanism is to dress like an animal and let out his temper in rage. With the bravery of a soldier he travels to an island where he thin…

Productive Day

Enjoying a productive day studying business communications and Human Relationship Management. Sat at Scooter's Coffee and really enjoyed the atmospehere, although the lack of the famous Totty coffee. Had a wonderful family lunch with my kids and wife eating Tropical Smoothy Cafe food. Decided to be a good son and water my mother's garden. As I turned on the hose I worried a little about the water consumption regulations, but I was quicly at ease at looking at how long there poor plants had gone without water, and watered away. The ADD'ness of the NET is wearing off more now and learning to read at least 3 pages without checking gmail and facebook!! Reading books is such a cool concept, I am sad that the Internet multitasking overloadingness is slowly training people to consume at max speed and not enjoy content. Less can me much more gratifiying than more.....