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Productive Day

Enjoying a productive day studying business communications and Human Relationship Management. Sat at Scooter's Coffee and really enjoyed the atmospehere, although the lack of the famous Totty coffee. Had a wonderful family lunch with my kids and wife eating Tropical Smoothy Cafe food. Decided to be a good son and water my mother's garden. As I turned on the hose I worried a little about the water consumption regulations, but I was quicly at ease at looking at how long there poor plants had gone without water, and watered away. The ADD'ness of the NET is wearing off more now and learning to read at least 3 pages without checking gmail and facebook!! Reading books is such a cool concept, I am sad that the Internet multitasking overloadingness is slowly training people to consume at max speed and not enjoy content. Less can me much more gratifiying than more.....