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Not Exited about the iPad

I have to admit that I also got carried away with all the hype surrounding this Apple tablet. But even so I kept my expectations in check. I did not feel this was Steve Jobs defining moment. An oversized iPod touch? I just don't see where and how it fits into anyone s life! I have better things to do with $500. I will see what these other netbook tablets look like this summer. For now my iPod touch is all that I need.

Apple releasing a tablet what the heck?

Like many of my other Tech analyst friends, I agree when they say…. What the heck is Apple thinking of releasing a proprietary tablet computer? I mean…. we got the Laptop, the Desktop, the Netbook, and the Smartphone… We got so many screens and chargers we are losing our minds. Do we really need another screen? What problems will this device answer?
Well let me take you back to the Fall of 2001. We already have a couple of MP3 players on the market, which are these ugly bricks with spinning hard disks that supposed to carry 1000 songs with you. In addition, my tech friends and I say “WTF?” Why would anyone ever want to carry 1000 songs in their pocket or car. I mean….we already have a Walkman CD player, we got a 5 Disc CD changer in the car, we got RealPlayer streaming our music. We are surrounded by music... So this iPod brick?? Why would anyone want this device? Steve on stage states that this “iPod” is the answer to our problem! That our problem is that we do not have enough enter…

My son and my absorption

This morning like any morning while driving to work, I spent the time trying to pry daily life information out of my 7 year old and eldest son. My son is a very quiet and reserved boy, not like his father (ahemmm).  He likes to spend 3 hrs a day reading maps and Google earth.  He researches San Francisco about 1 hr per day, because he plans to move there.  He has already chosen his house in SF and neighborhood for his wife and family.  my son is also a violin player, piano player, and soccer player.  Well anyhow… in the car today he began telling me about his most wonderful day yesterday, but he quickly became quiet and closed his eyes and began shaking his head.  I tried to talk to him but he refused to respond.  He stopped talking the entire way to school, until the point were I was frustrated and flustered.  He left the car with sadness in his face and ran into school.  I sat at work and I could not shake the feeling of seeing his sad face.  I could not let that go, and drove all t…

3D TV’s humm… not yet thanks

Yesterday my friends Robby and Gem took me to the Sony store, and we got to try out these new 3D TV’s that will be out for this 2010.  I was not expecting much, but was quickly blow away by the effects.  I fully expected the effect to look like those blue and red glasses you got with Mad magazine, but in fact the 3D was truly amazing.  It was like watching Avatar again, but without the heavy depression and the need to paint my wife blue.  It even felt more real because the screen was smaller and you were closer to the screen.  Now ….watching the sporting events and the animals really made me feel immersed.  It was all good, until my friend Gem took the controller to play a 3d racing game.   Needless to say Robby and I nearly lost our lunch after watching Gem crash into wall after wall.  (although if you ever ride with Gem in his fancy car, you would not be surprised at his game performance.)   Robby and I came to the conclusion that 3D while cool will become a passing novelty, but onl…

The circus

Had the wonderful opportunity to go to the circus after many decades of not going. Glad to see it still alive and kicking in the digital age. The numbers were not high enough to remind me of the mindblowing screams from when I was 7. Out of my family, I have to admit, I was the most impressed by it. Watching a man with 6 lions in a cage! The trapeze artists and the elefant acrobatics. These were real people doing things beyond human normal capability, but my kids were not impressesd as much. With YouTube and videogames these death defying tricks pale in comparison. I grew up with a old 13 vacuum tube tv, radio, and books. The Circus was a life changing event, that defined for me the capacity of humans to be able to accomplish the impossible. My dreams and hopes came alive that night. However, and perhaps sadly for my kids it was just a higher quality YouTube video with uncomfortable seats.

Apple Tablet Leaks?

Ok so I did some digging around for some congruency on the tablet.  So now it is making more sense that an $800+ device would run something more than the iPhone OS.  These leaked pics are the most common, not sure if they are fake but similarities are starting to appear.  So Mac OSX on a iPod touch frame that is 10” , not bad…..

Software for posting onto my Blog

Been thinking about what software to use to update Blogger, and I have decided that Windows Live Writer is awesome on Windows and Blogpress Lite on the iPod is also very good on the go.  I like having something light and like Microsoft word ready to go at a moment’s notice.  Windows Live Essentials is a good free package to get.  So far I edit my movies for YouTube on Windows Live Movie Maker.  I am forcing a marriage between Microsoft and Google.  MS makes the best desktop stuff and Google does well with the cloud.  MS is really smart to include live uploading to Facebook and YouTube on their products!!  Well back to my first week of study.