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Get out of my way tech!!

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Not to digress too much, but I decided to compare my life wihout my laptop for a week and replace it with my iPod touch and paper and pen. The results were stagerring. By not having to carry that extra 5 lbs, my life was already improved. Next not having to wait 5 min for a bootup was awesome. Maybe it is my ADDness but my productivity went up by 300%! So instead of trying to read my powepoints and PDF assigments onscreen I printed them out ahead of time. I was able to grasp the material faster and was able to make comments on the sides. I felt less interrupted and less overwhelmed with the paper. Also the iPod touch provided me with great email, streaming music, facebook, news, and blog posting thanks to all the fast apps. The battery life was awesome. I had to discover why..
1) humans are inherently non-multitaskers, we use context switching to believe we are at stres…

Theory of Achievement

Living in this new fast-paced digital world, where you answer you text messages, your IM’s, your Facebooks, etc…  We keep trying to achieve and achieve more and more.  But do you ever stop and wonder why?  I see all the time the culture of more and more and faster and faster. 
I say what is achievement without appreciation and validation?  Too many time these busy-bodies boast about task and task completed.  But, do they every stop and reflect upon what they are actually accomplishment?  We are all guilty of this at work and school.  We do and do and react, and put blinders on and feel we have accomplished something?  What in the bigger picture, department, company, society, family, the world, have we actually accomplished. 
Are we just not hamsters in a wheel running, running, and stressing about whether we will get there fast enough?  We often look to better cars, better desks, better computers, better gadgets, to supposedly get us that promotion, build that hit website, or write th…

iPad light at the end of the tunnel?

I spent much of last week pondering the underwhelming unveiling of the iPad. I then began to think about the simplistic brilliance of Steve Jobs. I came up with a theory last week, that unfortunately has comerecently true and now I just look like a “me too” blogger. But, I assure you that this was my idea since Wednesday of last week.Steve decided not to include Flash and Java support in his web-browsing pad. Flash and Java are the primary plug ins into modern web browsing, but unfortunately these plug-in’s, are also the primary reason why web browsers lock up and get virus infections. I have also been working with HTML5 this summer and saw that is had embedded support for platform independent streaming HD video. I also realized that in order for Steve to leave a lasting legacy, the user end experience had to be fast and smooth. So, I thought about his brilliance.He did not want the fate of his legacy left in the hands of a proprietary technology (Flash) and with a company that is kno…