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Feel like Harry Potter

Riding the Austin metro rail today. I never imagined what an incredible feeling it is to just sit back and look at the wonderful views. Hills, trees, creeks, life, these things passing by in these giant windows. There is a young man entertaining the crowd with job hunting anecdotes. Ppl reading their novels next to me.
The best analogy to tell you how I feel, is by reading JK Rowling's Harry Potter. The descriptions the words all seem to come to life here on this train today.
I feel that it also brings me back to that summer when I was 6 and my great grandma, my great grandma took me to Valparaiso and we sat together telling stories about beach times during their era. Bringing back memories is just awesome.
We live in an over-interactive world, and just sitting back and letting the world pass as you look, is just wonderful.