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The Simplification Factor

First and foremost, sorry to all my followers for the delay on my blogposts. But, as you know things are just not the same even when we pretend they are right? Life, family, and all.

Anyhow, I have been thinking about my recent need for simplification of life. As we wade through life and think of our goals, that hit iPhone game, the six pack body, the adoration of your children as you do so many things with them, the caress of your wife for all that you sacrifice, and of course the great achievement of your life that history will remember for eternity before your flowers are placed on your gravestone.
As we try to believe that we achieve these things every day, we make excuses. Yes, we all do it even though we call it "need". I need an iPhone to keep my life organized. I need a macbook pro to have the right writing tool. I need an iPad to have a more comfortable tool on the go for all those illusionary travels that may someday take. I need more time off from my pre…