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The homeless man

As I drove towards the Starbucks a place of caffeine and wifi joy, but yet tainted with the dread of homework, I kept thinking of my grumbling stomach. Long ago I realized that I am a premadonna study person.  This means that I cannot concentrate on anything worth a cent, unless the coffee was just right, the lighting, the wifi speed, and the body felt comfortable.  needless to say that this is probably is all a subconcious way ton deal with my constant lack of attention and disinterest in anything to do with business school.  So there I was sitting in the long after-work line at the local Subway.  It was feature packed with the over-judgmental elderly folks, the volleyball girls with dangerously low cut shorts, which seem to be the focus of the elderly men.  The poor mother trying to corral her cat-on-crack (AKA kid) ;  to whom I totally I could relate to.   The cougar with her skin tight clothes, her caramel shiny skin, and bleached hair, and her iPhone with her head yammering away,…